A small platformer created in 4 weeks by rose-engine.
Ascend the underground labyrinth and find the exit.

To see the alternative ending, reach the exit with more than 1 life remaining.
Press any key to respawn upon death.

Arrow keys to Move
X to Jump

WASD to Move
Space Bar to Jump

(also supports XBOX360 Controller)

rose-engine are replikant and antihelios


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Windows Standalone 10 MB
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Thank you for making this game! I (Alex) enjoyed the game, although found it rather frustratingly challenging! My friends certainly were challenged with this game as well. We made a Let's Play on our channel and it just came out today! [Note: Alberto was EXTREMELY frustrated when playing the game, hahah.]

Hi! Thanks for playing our game! I'm glad that one of you enjoyed it!
I'm sorry your friend had so much trouble with our game, I guess, unlike you, he just wasn't skilled enough (judging from the video)!

Maybe he'll enjoy our new game, Coffin Counselling, more? It's certainly not as hard as ascend is!

Alberto actually has never been introduced to an indie game until this one, so that also plays a pretty big factor as to why he struggled so much and got so frustrated, hahah. The rest of us enjoyed it!

I saw you recently put up Coffin Counselling! I figured we would have Eumir (we have multiple gamers on our channel) play this one instead, as he is a bit more familiar with this style of games. I, myself, am excited to play it for sure! Keep up the awesome work! :)